ARGUS 2000 LTD., was created and registered in 1999. The main object of business of the company is importation and distribution in bulk or retail of truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle and other types of vehicles tyres and inner tubes, rubber boots designed for hunting and fishing, range of auto accessories and auto electronics. ARGUS 2000 LTD., is a direct importer of goods produced in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and some other Far East countries. The company together with its representative at that site is selecting potential producers and suppliers and participating in designing, production and development of existing and new products required by еnd-users.
The target of the management of ARGUS 2000 Ltd. is satisfying of the requirements of its customers. Supplying of goods with high and up-to standards quality on Bulgarian and international market is a matter of a great importance for the company. The goods are in a full conformity of the requirements of European and International standards.
ACCEPTABLE QUALITY AND REASONABLE PRICE – these are the creed and principles of ARGUS 2000 LTD.