Tyre inner tubes for light trucks
Tyre inner tubes for cars, light trucks, trucks and buses, industrial and agricultural vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles


Вътрешна гума размер Тип на вентила Вид на каучука

Количество вътр. гуми в чувал

Inner tube size Valve type Rubber type Quantity of inner tube in a bag
8.25-15 TR75A естествен/natural 15
8.25-15/16 TR75A естествен/natural 15
6.00/6.50-16 TR15 естествен/natural 20
6.00/6.50-16 TR75A естествен/natural 20
7.00/7.50-16 TR15 естествен/natural 15
7.00/7.50-16 TR75A естествен/natural 15